Banning Tobacco Liquor is not in favor of Democracy

Banning anything which is not harming others is against #Democracy.
Is Against God's Rule.
Is against ethics

if some people think it is wrong to consume they may not be right
if some doctors think it is wrong to eat these things, they may be reading other's researches
if you think eating these things is wrong and harmful, you may not have used these - try them for a while and then decide.

Today Govt is banning #Tobacco. Tomorrow it is going to be our fav #Wine and #Whisky.. Guys Wake up.

#Tobacco #Liquor #Cigarettes

Education is good. Banning is not. for most of the matters. Society is becoming like animals and government is controlling them. Government is behaving like fools. Fools are ruling Society.

How does it affect me if someone eats Tobacco.. How am I responsible if the man dies... Let him live the way he wants till the time he is not bothering others. Everyone has different assumptions of life and who knows if the constitution is perfect.

There is God, Tobacco and Liquor are also made by HIM. So why to ban these. I am against the ban.

Educating people their harms are understood but banning is not.

NOTE - I am neither addict nor I use these products. May be once in a while.

Ok.. who is going to provide me that 'once in a while' if they are banned. I don't spit in public places.. So many people don't even know if I eat these Godly things smile e.

I request #Government not to #ban #Tobacco #Liquor#Smoking

These may help in reducing population blast one day.

P.S. - If you cannot understand this post, ask me but PLEASE don't assume anything.

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