YouTube Video SEO: How to Rank on Top - Crash Course

Do you really wonder about YouTube Video SEO and How to Rank your Youtube Videos on the Top?

YouTube Video SEO: How to Rank on Top - Crash Course

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YouTube Video SEO

It is very important to do the proper SEO optimization of your youtube videos so that they can reach the maximum number of people. 

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the process of telling the search engines about the video topic and contents of the video. Once the search engines know the video properly, they can show it to the most relevant people or users.

How to Rank Videos on Top?

This video is all about ranking your youtube videos on top. Follow the process step by step and see the growth in your youtube channel. 

How to Rank Youtube Videos on top?

As mentioned above that this video si all about Ranking youtube videos on top. Follow the process completely. 

Do You want to Rank Your YoutubeVideos on Top?

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Number 1 Rule For Youtube Video SEO

The number 1 rule of Youtube Video SEO is to "long-tail" your keyword. Try to find more specific, yet more generic versions of your keyword. If you are trying to rank a business video "Art of Coaching" then try to use the keyword "Art of Coaching for Soccer" instead. When you create your video title, make sure to include the keyword at the beginning and end of the title. You should also include the keyword in the description of the video as well. When you are uploading the video, choose relevant tags for the video. Also, it is important to include a link to your Youtube Channel in your video description.

Video Marketing is trending

Video marketing is the new hype. It is a great tool for getting traffic and gaining new customers. People enjoy watching videos, especially if they can relate to the video content. If you have used Youtube for advertising, then you must be aware of the importance of Youtube video SEO. And if you are new to it, then you need to learn some ways to optimize your videos for better ranking. So let's check out how to do Youtube video SEO.

Include Your Target Keyword

Think of Youtube as a search engine that searches videos based on their titles & descriptions. That's why it's important to include your target keyword in your title and description. Also, remember the value of using keywords in your video's tags. Apart from that, pay attention to your video's content. Include your target keyword in the video, if possible. Remember, the content of your video is what matters most, not how many views it has.

Descriptive Tags for Youtube Video SEO

Video SEO is different from the SEO of a text article. It has a few more rules and regulations too. In order to get your video ranked on YouTube's first page, you have to follow the following steps: Always use descriptive tags for your video. Your tags should be more relevant to the topic, instead of just being a catchphrase. Give a good title to your video. It can be a few sentences long but should be catchy and descriptive. Write a good description of your video. It can be a few hundred words long as long as it is informative and relevant. In the description, write keywords in the first half of the description. Just like you would do on a text article, put the most important keywords in the first half of the description.

Monetize Your Blog

Youtube is a great platform to monetize your blog. If your Youtube video is ranked on the top pages of Google, Youtube is a great way to get traffic to your blog. There are many things you can do to increase your video views, but one of the simplest ways to increase your video views is to use Youtube SEO. Here are the top 3 steps to Youtube SEO.