Nehru Place Computer Market

Nehru Place Market is most popularly known as Nehru Place Computer Market. As a fact, it is the biggest computer market in Asia. Nehru Place Market is also known as IT HUB. This market is located in South Delhi. Thousand of people come here daily to shop for computers, hardware, peripherals, hard drives, disk drives, headphones servers, monitors, keyboards, etc.

Nehru Place Market

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There, it will not be exaggerating to call it the heart of the Indian IT Industry. We can also shop for Android mobiles, laptop batteries, laptop adaptors, mobile phones, smartphones, SIM Cards, CCTV Cameras, biometric devices, RAM. motherboard, computer case, computer cabinet, printers, scanners, and many more IT and Hardware things at the best prices.

Nehru Place Computer Market

All leading brands like Sony, Dell, HP, Apple, Acer, ASUS, Samsung, MI, Lenovo, IBM, HCL, iBall, Intex, Nokia, etc have their stores at Nehru Place Market.

This Nehru Place market has thousands of customers coming daily for their IT devices needs. 

As per the claim, few dealers are selling computer and IT items rate to rate (Cost to Cost) or you can say at No Margin.


There is a huge opportunity for Job Seekers at Nehru Place due to the high business transactions and huge manpower demand at the stores. Accountants, Sales Experts, 

Repairing and Servicing

There are a good number of repairing and serving shops at Nehru Place Market. So, mechanics are also in constant demand in the market. 

Most of the items are sold at reasonable prices. Bargaining and negotiation are common in the market. So, if you have good negotiation skills, you can get good discounts you are purchasing from the market.

Employees and staff working at the stores at Nehru Place are professional and efficient. However, buyers need to be cautious and should check everything beforehand before buying anything in order to avoid any inconvenience.

A site Nehru Place surely helps you improve your purchasing, buying, and negotiating skills. Once you visited this market a few times, you will find yourself more knowledgeable and more confident in terms of shopping. 

A Piece of Advice

We advise you to be prudent while buying anything from the market as wrongdoers are everywhere and it is not easy to make a difference easily. We need to be alert and consider all factors for buying computers or anything in that matter. Do not buy anything from Nehru Place Market before checking and ensuring the quality parts specifications, and pricing.

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