Top 10 Benefits of Writing

My father and my teachers used to ask me to write more and more. However, at that time I did not realise the power of writing.

I am sure you may have experienced the same thing in your school days when you were asked to write and you know how you hated it.

Some exceptions are always there.

top 10 benefits of writing

Writing helps me streamline my thoughts and it helps me speak better and at a length. This then helps me in making videos and publishing them on the internet. And, I want you to understand that Videos are the most important thing in your online presence. Videos have the strongest power. Video content is most preferred by search engines like Google.

I know only google is a prominent search engine.

When I am writing this message to you, I am thinking about what to write. Don't you think it is stimulating my mind to brainstorm and come up with something amazing that can help you get some good value out of this email?

Let me pen down some top benefits of writing for you. Yes, not pen down, it is typed down. But we still use the pen down.

Top Benefits of writing

  1. Better clarity in communication - You look for words carefully and your communication becomes sophisticated. Hence you become a better orator, a better salesman.
  2. Stress Disappears - Try writing your mind and see how the stress disappears. You talk to yourself when you write. You understand things from a different perspective. When you write you analyse things with more honesty. :)
  3. Writing Makes You More Productive and Helps in Warming Up for the rest of the actions you need to take. You in fact understand how to carry out the whole task. Writing makes you follow a process. This is a natural characteristic of writing. It is worldwide accepted that written words are a thousand times more powerful. So, start writing your goals today.
  4. Writing Helps You Learn More - From our school days, we have heard that writing helps us learn more. You do it by assimilating and consolidating your knowledge. Without writing, we tend to forget.
  5. You Become Aware of your reality - If you start writing every day about your goals, thoughts and achievements. You will understand yourself better. In fact, you will never need a psychologist for that matter. You realise most of the things yourself.
  6. Make Better Decisions - Writing helps you clear your thought process. When your mind is clutter free you make better decisions.
  7. More Happiness - You see it is the result of the 5th and 6th points. Not necessarily a blog. A personal journal is fine for this Happiness.
  8. You will be more focused - while I am writing this message, I am totally focused. If you constantly write about your goals and aspirations, you will be more focused day by day. writing helps you avoid procrastination.
  9. Overcome Tough Moments Faster - It is easy to understand and research is done that when you share your feelings,, you become happier. So, when you release your stressed thoughts by writing, your body and mind become relaxed and you move towards happiness.
  10. You, Will, have Awesome Written Memories - When you write daily, you have a history of your thoughts. You will see a better human being time after time in yourself. Also, it is something more beautiful than a photo album. And who knows you may publish a bestseller book someday.

So, write a lot every day.

You know you can make a good Digital Career Just by Writing. You can create multiple sources of income by writing regularly.

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